Will SSDs, memory cards and other storage devices become more expensive?


More than 10%

Samsung Electronics is going to sharply and significantly raise prices for NAND memory chips next month.


Will SSDs, memory cards, and other storage devices become more expensive?

NAND memory (and not only it) has been falling in price for a long time, but it seems that this trend is coming to an end. Samsung, which in the second half of this year began to significantly reduce the production of NAND flash memory, is now going to increase prices, and immediately by a double-digit percentage (in percentage terms).

It is unclear exactly how much prices will be increased, but there is talk of more than a 10 percent increase. That is an increase of 20-30% is not worth expecting.

Such a step by the Korean giant will not immediately affect retail prices for SSDs and other products, but in the end, prices will still rise.

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