Windows 7 was launched on a PC with a 5 MHz processor.

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Download took half an hour

The Microsoft website says that to run Windows 7, you need a PC equipped with a processor with a frequency of at least 1 GHz. It turned out that the system can be run on a CPU with a frequency 200 times lower.

Windows 7
Windows 7

An NTDEV contributor who ran Windows XP on a 1MHz CPU earlier this year managed to run Windows 7 on a 5MHz CPU.

Of course, just take it and do it will not work. In this case, the enthusiast needed to disable LogonUI and enter the corrupted OOBE state.

As for the technical part, as in the case of the experiment on Windows XP, in fact, a processor with a frequency of not 5 MHz was actually used, but a Pentium with a frequency of 50 MHz, but its frequency was reduced by 10 times. The PC also included 128 MB of RAM. In this case, the system can be started with 36 MB, but you will need to use the swap file.

Starting Windows 7 in such atypical conditions took only half an hour. For comparison, Windows XP in the last experiment of the author was loaded for three hours.

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