Witchfire Blazes a Trail on the Epic Games Store: Early Access Success and What’s Next


The dark and action-packed roguelike shooter, Witchfire, developed by The Astronauts (creators of Painkiller and Bulletstorm), has taken the Epic Games Store by storm since its Early Access launch in September 2023. Heavily inspired by the gothic atmosphere and challenging gameplay of Bloodborne, Witchfire has quickly captured the attention of players and achieved impressive sales figures.

A Major Update Fuels a Popularity Surge

Following the recent release of a significant content update titled “Ghost Galleon,” Witchfire has experienced a significant surge in popularity. The update introduced new content, challenges, and gameplay elements, reigniting player engagement and attracting new audiences.

Witchfire Blazes a Trail on the Epic Games
Witchfire Blazes a Trail on the Epic Games

This renewed interest has propelled Witchfire to the top of the charts, currently ranking among the top three best-selling games on the Epic Games Store. Only the highly anticipated Assassin’s Creed: Mirage and the pre-orders for Star Wars Outlaws currently outpace Witchfire in terms of sales.

This achievement signifies a remarkable success for The Astronauts, a testament to the captivating gameplay and immersive world they have crafted within Witchfire.

Beyond Early Access: Transparency and a Roadmap for the Future

The developers at The Astronauts are thrilled with the positive reception to the Ghost Galleon update and the overall success of Witchfire. They have expressed their gratitude to the player community for their support and enthusiasm.

Furthermore, The Astronauts have hinted at exciting plans for the future. They have promised to unveil a roadmap soon, outlining the development process and providing players with a clear vision for the game’s future. This roadmap is likely to detail upcoming content updates, additional features, and the projected path towards the full release of Witchfire.

This level of transparency is highly valued by the gaming community. Knowing what’s in store and being able to anticipate future content additions helps maintain player engagement and excitement for the game’s ongoing development.

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A Look at Witchfire’s Allure: What Makes it Stand Out?

Several factors have likely contributed to the Witch fire’s early access success:

Unique Blend of Genres: Witchfire offers a thrilling combination of first-person shooter action and roguelike elements. This unique mix keeps gameplay fresh and unpredictable, encouraging players to continuously adapt their strategies and approach each run through the game with a sense of challenge and discovery.

Bloodborne Inspiration: The influence of Bloodborne is evident in Witchfire’s dark and gothic atmosphere, challenging enemies, and emphasis on fast-paced combat with a focus on risk-reward decision-making. This appeals to fans of Bloodborne’s style and gameplay.

Visually Stunning World: Built on Unreal Engine, Witchfire boasts impressive visuals. The dark and detailed environments create a truly immersive experience, drawing players deeper into the world of the game.

Early Access Engagement: The Early Access model allows The Astronauts to gather valuable player feedback and iterate on the game based on community response. This fosters a sense of collaboration between developers and players, fostering excitement and anticipation for future updates.

The Future of Witchfire: What to Expect

With its impressive sales performance and positive reception, Witchfire is poised for continued success. Here’s a glimpse into what we might expect:

Roadmap Reveal: The promised roadmap will provide players with a clearer picture of upcoming content additions, balance changes, and the overall development timeline leading up to the game’s full release.

Continued Content Updates: We can expect The Astronauts to continue releasing new content updates, introducing fresh gameplay mechanics, story elements, and potentially even new areas to explore within the world of Witchfire.

Community Engagement: The developers are likely to maintain open communication with the player community, fostering feedback and keeping players engaged throughout the Early Access development process.

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Full Release: While no official date has been announced, the ultimate goal is for Witchfire to graduate from Early Access and be available as a complete game. The roadmap will likely shed more light on the anticipated timeframe for the full release.


Q: What kind of roguelike elements does Witchfire feature?

A: Witchfire incorporates elements like permadeath, procedurally generated levels, and a focus on replayability with each run offering new challenges and loot to discover.

Q: When will Witchfire be fully released?

A: There’s no official confirmation yet. However, the upcoming roadmap is expected to provide insights into the development timeline and potential release window.

Q: Is Witchfire available on any platforms other than the Epic Games Store?

A: As of now, Witchfire is exclusive to the Epic Games Store during its Early Access period. Future availability on other platforms might be announced later in development.

Q: What are some potential features we might see in future Witchfire updates?

A: Based on other roguelike titles, possibilities include new enemy types, boss encounters, weapon variety, expanded skill trees, and additional areas to explore within the game world.

Q: Where can I learn more about Witchfire and stay updated on the game’s development?

A: You can follow The Astronauts on social media platforms or visit their official website for announcements and updates. Additionally, the Epic Games Store page for Witchfire might offer news and community discussions related to the game.

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