Xiaomi reminded about the coming winter. Mijia 1S smart heater introduced


At the pre-order stage, the price dropped below $ 90

In November of last year, Xiaomi released the Mijia Baseboard Electric Heater with a design similar to that of another model from Viomi. Later, the electric heater received the Red Dot Design 2020 award, and now a new version of the heater, called Mijia Baseboard Electric Heater 1S, is presented.

Mijia 1S smart heater
Mijia 1S smart heater

Xiaomi reminded me about the coming winter. Mijia 1S smart heater introduced

The Xiaomi Mijia Baseboard Electric Heater 1S will be priced at around $ 100 upon release but has dropped below the $ 90 mark on pre-orders.

The MIJIA Baseboard Electric Heater 1S has the same design and specifications as the previous generation model. It is only available in black, which is one of the main differences from the first model, which was only available in white.

The new device has an “automatic constant temperature function”. The power of the device can be selected from three values ​​(900, 1300, and 2200 W). The body of the device is made of aluminum alloy. The power is automatically cut off when the body is tilted. The gadget also automatically shuts off when the temperature is too high, which reduces the risk of fire.

The electric heater is equipped with 127 radiating fins and double heating tubes. The heater heats up quickly immediately after switching on. In addition, Xiaomi Mijia Baseboard Electric Heater 1S received an LCD touch screen that can be used to control the device.

Also, the heater can be controlled from any mobile device via the Mijia app or using a voice assistant.



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