Xiaomi will soon unveil the giant smart TV Redmi TV Max


Xiaomi will soon unveil the giant smart TV Redmi TV Max

Xiaomi has released a teaser image announcing a new ultra-large diagonal smart TV: we are talking about the next generation Redmi TV Max panel.


Last year, we will remind, Xiaomi released a giant TV Redmi Smart TV Max 98, with a diagonal of 98 inches. At around $ 2,800, this panel has proven to be quite popular. For example, in just one day, the company could sell more than 1,660 copies of this smart TV. By comparison, other brands offering similar panels typically sell less than 100 such devices per month.

The size of the upcoming Redmi TV Max has not yet been revealed. Xiaomi invites internet users to guess the diagonal and win a Bluetooth speaker.

There is a possibility that a panel larger than 100 inches is being prepared for release. The resolution is likely to be 3,840 x 2,160 pixels – 4K format.

The new generation Redmi TV Max’s official presentation is expected the day after tomorrow, February 25. In addition to the TV, the performance smartphones of the Redmi K40 family and the RedmiBook Pro portable computers will also debut. 




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