Youtube will allow the division of its videos into ‘Chapters’


Last updated on December 8th, 2022 at 02:11 pm

Youtube has released for content creators the possibility of dividing videos into ‘ Chapters’, in order to allow easier navigation on the user side. The functionality is available for desktop,  Android and iOS.

Youtube Chapters – Youtube Content Creators New Feature

The chapters of Youtube videos

The new functionality is, at the moment, totally optional and at the same time very easy to add. The youtube channels will be able to insert a list with at least three minutes, in which the video will be “broken” into chapters. Each chapter, which must be at least 10 seconds long, can then be completed with a description that specifies the topic covered in that segment.

Youtube Chapters

The description and the division into chapters are visible, from the user side, directly from the video playback bar and you can see an example in the video above.

This type of functionality, however very simple, could radically change the way many creators’ videos are thought of and, above all, the way many people consume Youtube videos. A context where this novelty could be particularly favourable in the world of audio and video podcasts, wherein a long time many different subjects are perhaps touched.

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