A very useful innovation in Google Chrome. Closed tabs can be quickly reopened


The feature appeared in an early test build of Chrome Canary

Google has begun testing a new handy feature for the branded Chrome browser. 

Google Chrome
Google Chrome

A very useful innovation in Google Chrome. Closed tabs can be quickly reopened

This is a quick way to reopen tabs that the user has recently closed. The feature became available in an early test build of Chrome Canary. 

A list of recently closed tabs appears by clicking on the tab search icon, which has recently become available to a wide audience. As a result, the user can open a closed tab, literally, with one click. 

Of course, you can also get access to all visited sites through the “History” page. However, the new method saves several clicks and eliminates the wandering through the menu, and is also more convenient than sequentially opening closed tabs in reverse chronological order using a keyboard shortcut.

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