AMD was the first to add an AI block to x86-compatible CPUs


While there are very few

Earlier this year, AMD introduced the world’s first x86-compatible processors with an integrated AI block. The Ryzen AI block is only available on the Ryzen 7040HS and Ryzen 7040U, but as we learned from a recent interview, AMD wants to integrate such a block into more of its processors.


At the same time, the problem of cost stands in the way of mass integration. Currently, only two lines of fresh mobile APUs have a Ryzen AI block, precisely because adding it to the processor is not the cheapest procedure.

In general, AMD is talking about introducing the Ryzen AI Engine into all products, including the same Threadripper, however, among other things, this should bring some benefits to users.

AMD was the first to add an AI block to x86-compatible CPUs

Due to the incremental costs associated with producing a Ryzen AI core, AMD must evaluate how much value such a block adds to users, especially in budget processors. And the company says that this benefit for users should be as specific as possible. Simply put, there should be specific and interesting to many scenarios for using a hardware module to work with AI.


AMD is now pointing out fairly general scenarios when it comes to the benefits of Ryzen AI. This is an improvement in the work of automatic video framing from the camera during video calls, eye contact correction during the same video calls, and advanced background effects all in the same scenario. That is, in general, while the user has nowhere to feel the benefits of the new Ryzen. Of course, given the current realities and the emphasis on AI in many areas, this is a temporary problem.

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