An enthusiast created a typewriter with AI, you can have a dialogue with it

The GPT-3 language model works inside

An engineer named Arvind Sanjiv told how he was able to build a modern neural network into an old Brother AX-325 typewriter, which was released in the 90s. This allowed the machine to literally carry on conversations with a person. The project is called Ghostwriter, and the GPT-3 language model is used as the software, on the basis of which the ChatGPT chat bot works.


Sanjeev first disassembled the device, then added an Arduino board to it, which handled button presses. The design also uses Raspberry Pi, which acts as a network interface for the OpenAI GPT-3 API.

In addition, the engineer added a small OLED display and two knobs. With their help, you can control some parameters of the chatbot – the level of creativity of the neural network and the length of the answers. To correspond with AI, you just need to insert a sheet of paper into the machine and start typing.

Note that GPT-3 has been trained on millions of books, and this neural network is quite capable of conducting a dialogue. At the same time, it is no coincidence that the author himself chose a typewriter. According to him, this allows you to forget about digital technologies for a while and immerse yourself in an “emotional journey through paper and ink.”

Note that previously it was reported about a neural network that composes music based on the entered text.

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