Apple says it needs a Microsoft solution to install Windows on an ARM-based Mac


Apple says it needs a Microsoft solution to install Windows on an ARM-based Mac

Apple recently unveiled the first Mac computers based on the Apple M1 ARM chip. As expected, they are not capable of working with Windows. The Cupertines have a solution to the problem, but now everything depends on Microsoft.

Apple M1
Apple M1

Yesterday, November 20, on the portal ArsTechnica was published an interview with the senior vice president of software development Apple Craig Federighi (Craig Federighi). The article discussed the prospects for ARM chips, the question of why the company decided to implement a chip of its own design in computers now, how the M1 was created, the nuances of software development, and much more. However, the most interesting is the question about Windows. The first customers who received the new MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, and Mac mini were faced with the problem of innovation – computers do not have the Boot Camp utility, which is usually used to install Windows. Craig answered this question evasively, stating that Apple has all the necessary technology to run Windows on the M1, but the case remains with Microsoft.

“Now this task falls on the shoulders of Microsoft. We have presented the necessary technologies that solve the issue of installing Windows on ARM. We have Rosetta 2 technology that does a great job of running x86 applications on new computers. However, Microsoft is not yet licensing Windows 10 for ARM to non-OEMs. Windows is installed optionally on Mac computers. But our computers are already ready for this, ”Federighi answered a journalist’s question.

Federighi noted that technically running Windows on an Apple ARM chip is possible thanks to the CrossOver application and Rosetta 2 technology. Virtual machines can also be a possible solution. Parallels said they are already working on optimizing their software, which will allow you to run Windows directly in macOS.



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