“Apple will call this a big win for customers” – how Apple will present the “innovative” USB-C


Named the pros and cons of switching iPhone 15 to USB-C

Apple is set to move the iPhone from Lightning to USB-C, with Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman revealing how the company plans to advertise this innovation.

Recall that the European Union has required mobile device manufacturers to use the USB-C standard by the end of next year. Apple decided not to wait until the end of next year and added USB-C to all four iPhone 15 models, as well as the case for the new AirPods Pro. “Apple will call this a big win for customers. Get ready to hear about the countless benefits of these changes,” writes Mark Gurman.

How Apple will advertise the transition to USB-C:

Customers will be able to use one charging cable for iPhone, Mac, and iPad.

This will lead to a revolutionary increase in data transfer speed for new high-end iPhone models.

In some cases, phones will charge faster.

Finally, the phones will be compatible with the chargers used by billions of third-party devices.

“Apple will call this a big win for customers” – how Apple will present the “innovative” USB-C


The company has an ironclad rule: when it introduces a new product or communicates with the media, it always wants to act from a position of strength. Apple’s keynote will not mention the European Union and the company has criticized the EU’s USB-C requirement many times over the past few years.

He added that these changes also have disadvantages for Apple:

Apple risks losing some of its licensing revenue from accessory makers that used Lightning.

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To do this, it is necessary to allocate engineering resources and money.

Increased compatibility with the Android ecosystem could make it easier for customers to switch away from Apple.

There is always the risk of a PR nightmare. When Apple switched to Lightning in 2012, users were outraged. There was also outrage that the company removed the headphone jack in 2016.

The presentation of the iPhone 15 is expected on September 12.