Bloodborne turns six – fans staged a massive return to the game


Bloodborne turns six – fans staged a massive return to the game

Exactly six years ago, on March 25, 2015, the gothic action RPG Bloodborne from From Software entered the shelves of European (including Russian) stores.


The celebrations, however, began yesterday – March 24, the day before the premiere in Europe; the release of Bloodborne took place in North America. It is to this date this year that the start of the traditional “Return to Yharnam” is timed.

Recall, “Return to Yharnam” is a community initiative in which fans are trying to recreate the atmosphere of the first days after releasing the project in Bloodborne – with an online mode filled with users.

To get the most out of the event, the event organizers advise you to create a new character in Bloodborne and play the game, along the way calling in as many random phantoms of other gamers as possible.

The Return to Yharnam iteration, which began yesterday, will run until April 7th. Players will need a PlayStation Plus subscription to participate in cooperative and competitive activities.

Sales of Bloodborne by September 2015 exceeded 2 million copies. Still, many more people got acquainted with the project: in March 2018, the gothic action game was included in the monthly selection for PS Plus users.

Bloodborne is only available on PS4, but rumors of a release on other platforms have been rolling since launch. Sony is in no hurry to act, so the fans got down to business: in early February, the modder released an unofficial patch that adds 60fps support to the game.

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