Chinese SoC with Chinese GPU. Loongson released LS2K2000


But there are only two processor cores

The Chinese company Loongson is very actively developing processors of its own design, not only offering models with a large number of cores, but also preparing chiplet solutions . Now it became known that the company has released a single-chip system LS2K2000.


The LS2K2000 has only two LA364 processor cores, 2 MB of shared L2 cache, and runs at 1.5 GHz. In performance mode, this SoC consumes only 9 watts, and in balanced mode it is only 4 watts.  

The platform supports DDR4-2400 ECC, PCIe 3.0, SATA III, USB 3.0, HDMI+DVO, GNET and GMAC network interfaces, audio, SDIO, and eMMC memory.  

In single-threaded mode, in the SPEC2006INT test, the platform scores 13.5 and 14.9 points with fixed and floating point, respectively.  

The platform is also unique in that it is the company’s first solution with an iGPU of its own design. It is known that this is the LG120 GPU, but there are no details about it yet. 

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