Coffee Shop with the Dead: Necrobarista Novel Released in Apple Arcade


Coffee Shop with the Dead: Necrobarista Novel Released in Apple Arcade

Earlier this week, we reported that Route 59’s Necrobarista is finally coming to PC ( Steam ) on July 22nd. And now the developers of this cinematic visual novel in a selshaider style have announced that the game is already available on Apple Arcade (i.e. on iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, and Mac). Versions for the PlayStation 4 and Switch will follow in 2021.


On the occasion of the launch of Necrobarista, a special trailer has been released in Apple Arcade, which, however, is almost no different from the previous oneA description of the game from the App Store says: “In a back street in Melbourne in a cafe, the dead are given one last night to mingle with the living. For Maddy Xiao – barista, amateur necromancer, and new Terminal owner – everything was fine until you reminded her that she has a bouncer from the infamous, uncompromising Death Council breathing down her back

Necrobarista on iPhone requires iOS 13.0 or later and 2GB of free storage space. Among the supported languages ​​is Russian. According to the description, the game is rated 12+ for rarely seen adult material, bad language or crude humor, and scenes involving or mentioning alcohol, tobacco, or drugs.

Necrobarista is set in magical modern Melbourne (the developer’s hometown), in the supernatural Terminal coffee shop. The game will tell the story of the necromancer’s apprentice Maddy, the mechanic-obsessed teenage girl Ashley, the notorious Australian outlaw Ned Kelly, the annoyed necromancer Tea, and other striking characters.

The developers set an ambitious goal to revive visual novels and strive at Necrobarista to focus in every scene on keywords, storytelling, and carefully thought out frames. All stories are not random, they provide additional insight into the characters and the universe. Each chapter is interspersed with the first-person research gameplay, with the opportunity to choose which narration topics to explore further. Necrobarista is inspired by anime and features music by Australian composer Kevin Penkin.



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