Fashionable protection: medical mask with integrated LED screen introduced


Fashionable protection: medical mask with integrated LED screen introduced

Clothing designer Chelsea Klukas of LED clothing startup Lumen Couture has created a medical face mask with an integrated LED display. Obviously, the mask is aimed at people who are tired of using standard protective equipment in the face of the coronavirus pandemic.


The presented mask is equipped with an LED matrix screen on which various information can be displayed, including pictures and custom text. Moreover, with a dedicated application, you can use the voice input function for the text displayed on the screen. As for the mask itself, it is made of breathable fabric. The screen and other technological components can be removed if the user needs to wash the mask. A battery and a charging cable are included in the package. Currently, the cost of one mask from Lumen Couture is $ 95.

The built-in LED screen can display various information, for example, about the need to maintain social distance. The voice input function will make it easier to convey information to others since it is not always possible to make out what the masked person is saying. If a request made by him to keep a distance or to step aside is shown on the screen, then others will immediately see it.

According to Chelsea Klukas, the hardest part of designing clothes using LED components is to discreetly place the batteries. She also added that she did not want to benefit from the pandemic, so Lumen Couture donated the proceeds from the sale of masks in June (about $ 5,000) to the World Health Organization’s relief fund.



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