For Honor Resistance Story Trailer Reveals The Order Of Gorkos In New Season


Last updated on December 8th, 2022 at 02:27 pm

For Honor Resistance Story Trailer Reveals The Order Of Gorkos In New Season

In medieval multiplayer action movie For Honor, battles between the main warring factions continue. Resistance Season 3 kicks off on September 17th as part of Year 4 of Support, and Ubisoft has unveiled a story trailer for the occasion.

Honor Resistance
Honor Resistance

The video is made in very dark red and black tones, and the voiceover tells us: “Perhaps the instigators were right. Perhaps it is foolish to hope for more. Maybe we deserve to be punished. It would be easier to give up and let them decide our fate. But we won’t give up. After all, a spark is enough to flare up the flame … of the uprising. “

The description of the new season tells briefly that with the arrival of the Order of Gorkos, cruel orders began to operate in the world. But in the most desperate times, even one bright spark can give hope … According to the world of the game, the Order of Gorkos is a secret society from the Swamp Wasteland. It was created by a group of warriors who previously fought for the Black Stone Legion. In recent years, they have strengthened their influence in all factions and amassed resources, their spies are everywhere, and their followers use the power of alchemy and believe that they were chosen by a deity named Gorkos in order to eradicate hypocrites and liars. The members of the order are determined to become the rulers of the renewed world.

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As usual, the new season will bring cosmetics, story content, gameplay updates, and more. Before the start of the season, the developers will probably share more details. For Honor is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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