Former Apple designer with over 1,400 patents planning to launch rival HomePod


Last updated on December 8th, 2022 at 02:10 pm

The announcement of the first column of the Cell family is expected in the fourth quarter of this year.

Former Apple industrial designer Christopher Stringer, who has been a team member of Jony Ive for over 20 years and is listed as the author of more than 1,400 patents on the iPhone, Apple Watch, and other devices, including HomePod, founded his own company Syng. The company plans to release a “revolutionary” home audio device later this year that will compete with Apple HomePod and Sonos.


Former Apple designer with over 1,400 patents planning to launch rival HomePod

According to the source, the home audio sector has been saturated in recent years with low-cost smart speakers, including Amazon Echo, which has complicated life for more expensive products such as Sonos products.

Syng expects to outperform competitors through design and sound quality using the new audio format. In an appeal to potential investors, the company promises that the speakers of the Cell family will be able to create an “immersive effect” and a sound “indistinguishable from reality”.

The first Cell model should be released in the fourth quarter of 2020, and in the coming years, others will follow. In addition, the company hopes to generate revenue by licensing its technology to other equipment manufacturers.

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