Google stops integrating with third-party apps


Notes and lists previously created with Google Assistant can be saved until June 20, 2023

Google has announced that it will soon be ending support for integrating Google Assistant (Google Assistant) with third-party list and note apps. The Google Virtual Assistant will continue to interact closely only with the proprietary Google Keep application.


Maintaining shopping lists through Google Assistant can be quite convenient. It is enough for the user to give a voice command for the assistant to open the list or note, read it or edit it. However, users of third-party list and note apps have begun receiving warnings that Google Assistant voice commands will be discontinued as of June 20. 

Google stops integrating with third-party apps

The documentation on the Google site also states:

Starting June 20, Google Assistant notes and lists will no longer work in non-Google apps.

Not only will users no longer be able to create notes/lists, it looks like notes/lists previously created with Google Assistant will disappear. On the support page under “Where are my old lists?” the company states that these notes/lists will also no longer be available after June 20th.


However, the tech giant offers a way to save this data before the deadline:

  1. Go to .
  2. Select Helper Notes and Lists.
  3. Save information.

Google also stated that “lists you create by voice in Google Shopping will be saved in Google Keep.” But she clarified that shopping lists created by third-party services will not sync with Google Keep. 

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