Google unites its messengers, but not in the way you can hope for. They will deal with one team


Last updated on May 1st, 2023 at 07:46 pm

It is too early to hope for integration, but coherence will appear

Google continues its efforts to clean up its messengers and communication services.

Google unites its messengers, but not in the way you can hope for. They will deal with one team

Seriously, you just think about it, the company has at least Google Messages, Google Duo, Google Chat, Gmail, as well as a recent sensational newcomer – Google Meet

Previously, the company also had Hangouts, as well as Allo. Hangouts messenger turned into Hangouts Meet and Hangouts Chat only for corporate users in 2017. For ordinary users, Hangouts has been replaced by mobile Google Duo and Allo. And in March 2019, Allo was closed in favor of the standard Message application for Android. 

Last October, Google hired Javier Soltero, an entrepreneur in Puerto Rico, to serve as CEO and vice president of G Suite, as well as Google Meet and Google Chat. Now Messages, Duo, as well as the Google Phone dialer application for Android, go under his arm. 

This step is very important. It integrates Google’s core communications products under the responsibility of the Soltero team. The top manager confirmed to The Verge that there are currently no “immediate” plans to change or integrate any Google applications. So it’s too early to start hoping for one unified application or a special integration of different applications among themselves. 

Soltero explained: “We are confident that people will choose between the products that they use for specific tasks.” However, communication applications urgently need more coherence and a clear focus on development. As The Verge points out, Soltero might be the right leader for such tasks. 

Google itself noted that communication products are now assembled under one leader and in one united team led by Soltero. 

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