How the TikTok Shop Increases Equal Access to Digitizing MSMEs

The short video platform TikTok started TikTok shop, which has penetrated the world of social commerce since last year, revealed that they are trying to ‘democratize’ the use of digital services for MSMEs through the TikTok Shop service.

How the TikTok Shop Increases Equal Access to Digitizing MSMEs

Head of Small and Medium-sized Businesses (SMB) TikTok Indonesia Pandu Nitiseputro explained that this democratization means that TikTok wants to provide equal opportunities for all businesses to develop in the digital realm. For this reason, he believes that TikTok needs to empower MSMEs so they can adopt digital services, in addition to developing technology.

tiktok shops
TikTok shops

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“Technology is indeed important to help MSMEs move up a class, but we believe the empowerment of MSMEs is needed,” Pandu said at the 2022 TikTok Summit media gathering, Tuesday (22/11).

Also, the latest step they have taken is the 2022 TikTok Summit event. The event, which took place on November 22-23 at Pacific Place Mall Jakarta , was the first seminar for MSMEs registered on the TikTok Shop as well as content creators who also assist MSMEs in introducing their business to the audience.

The lead of the Fashion Category TikTok Shop Indonesia Delsey Muharlina Bungsu said that they indeed bridge creators and MSMEs to connect. This departs from the four pillars of the TikTok Shop, namely sellers, products, creators, and partners.

He explained, MSMEs and creators are connected through the Affiliate program where sellers provide goods and creators market them through content. In addition, there is a partner in the form of a Multi-Channel Network (MCN) that will manage the collaboration between the two parties, as well as a TikTok Shop Partner (TSP) that facilitates content needs, including sales through live streams.

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“For MCN, we bridge creators and MSMEs to connect. Meanwhile, for TSP, we provide a space for creators or sellers to learn what a good standard live stream looks like,” said Delsey.

In addition, Pandu added that TikTok also reaches out to the government to jointly empower MSMEs through an initiative titled “Maju Together TikTok” which facilitates various modules for using digital services for free.

“In Maju Together TikTok, we are collaborating with several government agencies such as the Ministry of Industry and the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy to empower more MSMEs in the regions,” said Pandu.

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