Google Secret Project Pitchfork, Working on a generator that will be able to write and fix code on its own


The project is called Google Pitchfork,

Google is reportedly working on some kind of secret project, in which it is developing a code generator based on neural networks. As planned by Google, the generator will be able to independently create new code and fix existing ones.

The project has become part of a larger Google program called Generative Artificial Intelligence, in which specialists work primarily on AI to generate images, videos, and more.

Called Pitchfork, the code generator was originally developed by Alphabet X. This summer, engineers from the Google Labs team led by Olivia Hatalsky, who has been an X Division employee for many years and develops Google Glass and several other devices, joined the project.

It is assumed that the created algorithm will be able to learn programming styles and independently write code based on what has been learned.

Initially, the project was faced with the task of creating a tool that could update the code base of the Python programming language to new versions without involving live programmers.

Over time, the goals of the project shifted towards creating a general-purpose system that could reduce the need for people to write and update code while maintaining its quality. It is not yet known at what stage the development of the Google code generator is.

An internal leak reports that Google is working on a project that trains Artificial Intelligence (AI) writing, updating code, and fixing bugs to help reduce the need for programmer services in the future.

According to the insider‘s report, the project is codenamed “Pitchfork” which was originally founded in Alphabet’s “X” research department. However, Google Labs is now in charge of the project, which means it has successfully caught the company’s attention.

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Currently, Pitchfork is part of a new division called “AI Developer Assistance”, a team of AI developer support under Google Labs, led by Olivia Hatalsky who is also responsible for Google Glass and several other “moonshots”.

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According to internal documents, the goal of the Pitchfork project is to use Machine Learning (ML) to write code, repair, and update itself. Pitchfork will learn the programming style first, then write the code.

google pitchfork
google pitchfork

A Google spokesman also opened his voice that initially, Pitchfork aimed to create a new tool. This tool will be able to update Google’s Python programming language code base to a newer version.

But over time, project goals should shift toward a general-purpose system. This system can reduce the need for humans to write and update code while maintaining code quality.

“The Pitchfork team is working closely with the company’s research team to explore various use cases to assist developers,” said a Google spokesperson.

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