iPhone and Apple Watch can now replace car keys in more models


The function is supported by different models of BMW, Kia, Hyundai, Genesis and BYD

The new Mercedes-Benz E-Class will receive support for the Apple Car Key feature, which allows you to use your iPhone and Apple Watch instead of an alternative to key fobs or physical car keys.

Key sharing is possible. At the same time, the main user of the Mercedes me account can assign various rights, granting only access to the vehicle or also allowing it to be driven. The car can recognize multiple users at the same time, and up to 16 people can use the digital car key. Sharing is possible through AirDrop, iMessage, and other messaging services. The recipient can then add it to their own Apple Wallet.

Mercedes-Benz E-class
Mercedes-Benz E-class

iPhone and Apple Watch can now replace car keys in more models

When used with a compatible iPhone and Apple Watch, you can lock, unlock, and start your vehicles. Car keys are stored in the Wallet app on iPhone and Apple Watch and can be shared with other iPhone users. The latest iPhone models also allow you to use the car key if the smartphone is empty.

The list of companies that offer this feature includes BMW, Kia, Hyundai, Genesis and BYD. Recently it became known that the British sports car company Lotus is also ready to support Car Key.


When asked by the editors of iXBT.com, the press service of MB Rus answered:  “Unfortunately, Mercedes-Benz cars in the Russian Federation will not support this function . ”

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