It turns out that OnePlus 11 is not afraid of frost. Smartphone


To do this, the smartphone itself heats up before charging.

Li Jie from OnePlus Technology said that OnePlus 11 is not afraid of the cold, supports operation at extreme negative temperatures and can be charged at -20 ° C.

A Weibo user who bought a OnePlus 11 smartphone said he was impressed with the OnePlus 11’s battery life and performance when shooting in temperatures below 0 degrees Celsius.

When charging in cold conditions, OnePlus 11 is reported to automatically detect the ambient temperature and heat up through the processor boot procedure, so that the battery is in working condition for charging in comfortable conditions for the battery.

OnePlus 11
OnePlus 11

In OnePlus 11, the manufacturer used genetic memory reorganization technology, obtaining more than 30 major patents for this technology. The manufacturer said that thanks to this technology, OnePlus 11 with a maximum memory of 16 GB has solved the problem of slowdowns in Android mobile phones.

OnePlus 11 received a 6.7-inch 2K screen, a Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 single-chip system, a main camera that includes image sensors with a resolution of 50, 48 and 32 MP, as well as a 16-megapixel front camera. The battery capacity is 5000 mAh, the smartphone supports 100-watt charging.

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