New Version of Digital Back for 35mm Film Cameras


Fundraising for I’m Back 35 is a success at Kickstarter

Kickstarter has organized a fundraiser for the release of I’m Back 35 digital backdrop for 35mm film cameras.

This is a development of the I’m Back model, introduced a little over two years ago. According to the developers, the product is significantly improved. 

In particular, its shape has become more ergonomic.

Allegedly, the back is compatible with the vast majority of 35mm cameras. It uses a Panasonic 34112 image sensor with an optical format of 1 / 2.3 inches. 
The resolution of the sensor is 14 megapixels. The back allows you to shoot in automatic and manual mode, saving pictures in RAW and JPG formats. 
In addition, video shooting is possible. With 4K resolution, the maximum frame rate is 30 fps, with Full HD resolution 60 fps, and HD resolution 120 fps. 
As removable media, microSD cards up to 128 GB are used. A microphone and loudspeaker are built into the back.
The equipment also includes a two-inch touch screen with a resolution of 240 x 320 pixels and USB and HDMI ports.
The minimum instalment to hope for a single copy of I’m Back 35 is approximately $ 308. The goal stated by the authors of the project has already been repeatedly exceeded. 
35mm camera canon
35mm camera canon
At the time of the preparation of the news, nearly $ 200,000 was raised. Shipping backs should begin in December this year.


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