Parler Withdraws Lawsuit Against Amazon, Which Stopped Hosting Services


Last updated on December 8th, 2022 at 02:51 pm

Parler Withdraws Lawsuit Against Amazon, Which Stopped Hosting Services

Parler has withdrawn its antitrust lawsuit against Amazon, filed in January this year in connection with the refusal to provide hosting services and disconnect it from its cloud services.


Parler announced her decision to discontinue the trial in a petition filed Tuesday with the Western District Court of Washington. The company did not explain this step, reserving the right to re-file a claim on similar grounds in the future.

In early January, Amazon suspended services for Parler due to the social network posting “aggressive content,” which violated the terms of service of AWS (owned by Amazon). The company considered the moderation of Parler content insufficient and, as a result, decided to move to “suspension of the Parler account.” In turn, Parler explained the refusal of moderation because she adheres to the policy of freedom of speech.

On January 21, the court dismissed Parler’s lawsuit demanding Amazon to restore the hosting account, calling the evidence it presented “extremely trivial.”


As a result, Parler resumed the platform on February 15, using several small hosting services and registrars as an alternative to Amazon. However, the content published before the blocking has been lost, and the Parler app is still not available in the iOS and Google Play app stores.

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