Samsung smartphones hit an unknown disease


Black screen, distorted characters, constant reboot, restart

Today, a huge number of Samsung smartphone users have begun to complain about the Weibo social network that their smartphones were struck by an unknown disease. Phones display a black screen, distorted characters, or simply constantly reboot.

Samsung smartphones
Samsung smartphones

Samsung smartphones hit an unknown disease

Users have confirmed that problems are encountered on the Samsung Galaxy S8, S9, S10, and previously released models. At the same time, there are no problems with smartphones of the Galaxy Note line.

During the investigation, recommendations appeared to turn off automatic updates as soon as possible, if everything is in order with your phone, and then back up the data just in case.

Weibo users believe that the cause of the problems may be related to the lunar calendar. Problems arose for users who did not update the calendar application on time, as a result of which the system begins to incorrectly calculate the time, which leads to system errors and crashes.

Many publications have already sent a request to Samsung, but the South Korean manufacturer is in no hurry to comment.

Updated: Problems appeared on Samsung Galaxy S and Galaxy A smartphones. Galaxy S20 users did not encounter any problems.



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