Samsung’s best SSD is now in maximum capacity. Samsung 990 Pro 4TB goes on sale


For $345

The Samsung SSD 990 Pro solid state drive in a 4 TB version is finally hitting the market. They presented it a month ago but did not name the price then. 

Samsung 990 Pro
Samsung 990 Pro

Samsung’s best SSD is now at maximum capacity. Samsung 990 Pro 4TB goes on sale

Now we know it: 355 or 345 dollars, depending on the version of the cooling system. For comparison, the 2TB version currently costs $140 on Samsung’s website, while the 1TB model can be purchased for just $80.  

Like smaller models, the new product is based on V-NAND TLC memory and the company’s controller. The DRAM memory capacity has been increased to 4 GB, and the performance and speeds are identical to those stated for the 2 TB version. That is, we are talking about read and write speeds of 7540 and 6900 MB/s, respectively, and performance of 1.4 and 1.55 million IOPS, respectively. The TBW indicator for the new product is stated to be 2400 TB.   

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