So what’s the new iPhone SE better than the iPhone 8? Camera and performance tests show that the devices are almost equal


Particularly impressive is the lack of difference when converting video

Today we already had the opportunity to make sure that the second-generation iPhone SE takes photos and videos a little worse than the iPhone XR and iPhone 11, but there is often no catastrophic difference.

iPhone SE 2020

So what’s the new iPhone SE better than the iPhone 8? Camera and performance tests show that the devices are almost equal

We know that in the new iPhone SE a camera is installed, as in the iPhone 8, and all the differences are due to the software and the new single-chip system. And therefore, a legitimate question arises as to whether the iPhone SE camera is better than the iPhone 8 camera. Let’s find out.

As you can see, there is a difference, but not always, and always not very significant. In iPhone SE, HDR works a little better, stabilization is better, sometimes the detail is a little better, and the most significant difference is the presence of portrait mode, which is not in the iPhone 8, as well as shooting at night, where the novelty shows itself already noticeably better, although the frames are in no comparison, Of course, they don’t work with iPhone SE with pictures on iPhone 11 when night mode is on.

Thus, the camera is definitely not a reason to change the iPhone 8 to the second-generation iPhone SE. Perhaps more and more unequivocally will be with the speed of work?

As you can see, here everything is not as many might think. Applications are launched almost simultaneously, except that at the first launch some programs are “drawn” faster on iPhone SE, but the difference is small. Even games run about the same. Moreover, specifically in this test, the difference in the amount of RAM is also not visible. The most impressive thing is not just the lack of any visible difference when converting video to iMovie, but even the winning of the iPhone 8, albeit only for a split second. However, this situation is unlikely to be observed in any such application.

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What is the outcome? In general, the iPhone SE is not much superior to the iPhone 8, and it is hardly worth changing the second to the first. The only thing the new product clearly wins is the term of support from Apple.