Tesla has brought back its Autopilot safety reports


Although the reports are very stingy with information

Tesla previously published quarterly security reports for its Autopilot system, but stopped doing so last year for some reason. Now Tesla has decided to return such reports, and published data for all the missed quarters at once.

Autopilot safety
Autopilot safety

As before, the information in these reports is minimal. Tesla lists the number of miles that Tesla cars with autopilot drive on average without crashing, the same number without autopilot, and the average for the US. 

In particular, in the third quarter of last year, Tesla recorded one accident for every 6.26 million miles (10 million km) with active autopilot. For Tesla cars without autopilot, this figure was 2.75 million km, while the US average was 1.05 million km.  

Autopilot safety reports
Autopilot safety reports

As you can see, the results differ from quarter to quarter, which is often simply due to seasonality, but in general, Tesla’s performance is growing, that is, its cars are supposedly becoming safer.  

Of course, it is difficult to draw any global conclusions based on these data. At least because this information primarily concerns highways, because it is there that the autopilot is more often used.  

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