The market size of fully wireless headphones will grow by a third in 2021


The market size of fully wireless headphones will grow by a third in 2021

Counterpoint Technology Market Research has made a forecast for the global market for fully wireless submersible headphones (TWS): sales of such devices will continue to increase this year.

Wireless Headphones
Wireless Headphones

Last year, an estimated 233 million TWS earbuds were shipped globally. Growth with 2019 was an impressive 78%. Neither the pandemic nor the difficult economic situation prevented the rapid development of the market.

Apple became the largest supplier of fully wireless headphones last year with 31% of the industry. However, as noted, the share of the “apple” empire is gradually decreasing under pressure from competitors.

In second place with 9% was the Chinese Xiaomi, and the “bronze” went to the South Korean giant Samsung, whose share was about 7%.

This year, analysts believe, the market volume in piece terms will increase by a third – 33%. As a result, shipments of TWS products will reach 310 million units.

Apple’s share is expected to decline to 27%. At the same time, Xiaomi and Samsung will keep the results at 9% and 7%, respectively.

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