Wireless Headphones

turtle beach elite 800 wireless

The Ultimate Gaming Experience with Turtle Beach Elite 800 Wireless


Turtle Beach Elite 800 Wireless: The Power of Wireless Gaming The Turtle Beach Elite 800 Wireless headset is a revolutionary ...

Galaxy Buds FE headphones

Samsung has declassified $100 fan-made Galaxy Buds FE headphones.


The headphones will have three microphones Samsung has updated its website in Argentina, and it has accidentally revealed images and ...


Sony buys headphone company Audeze


including very expensive Sony has announced that it is buying Audeze, a renowned headphone company, including high-end gaming models. Sony ...


Apple Offers New Wireless Headphones: Flagship Beats Studio Pro Presented


Supports Spatial Audio, USB Type-C and more Apple-owned Beats has unveiled its new flagship Beats Studio Pro wireless headphones, the ...

Headset Ninebot SENA 50S

Headset Ninebot SENA 50S is designed for lovers of fast driving on two wheels


It incorporates modern technology The Ninebot SENA 50S Bluetooth headset mounted on the E300P helmet went on sale in China ...

Apple Vision Pro

The battery of the Apple Vision Pro headset is smaller than some smartphones


There may be higher capacity items available. The Apple Vision Pro headset is known to only offer about two hours ...

Apple Vision Pro headset

The possible cost of the Apple Vision Pro headset has already been calculated


Got about $1500 Wellsenn XR has reviewed all currently available information on the Apple Vision Pro augmented reality headset and ...

Vision Pro headset

the Vision Pro headset after the presentation.


Perhaps the product is not yet ready for demonstration to everyone Judging by yesterday’s Apple presentation, the Vision Pro mixed reality headset ...


Apple investors not particularly interested in a mixed reality headset


But there are no rumors about it yet. According to all the rumors and leaks, today Apple will introduce its ...


How dangerous will Apple’s mixed reality headset be?


Or consult a doctor A list of conditional contraindications for using Apple’s upcoming mixed reality headset has surfaced online.   ...