The parameters of the FSP500-30AS power supply can be adjusted programmatically


This power supply is 80 Plus Platinum certified.

FSP introduced the 500W FSP500-30AS power supply for the next-generation Intel NUC small-sized PCs. Its advantages include a high-density arrangement, due to which the block has a small size. To increase the density of the layout allowed low heat associated with high efficiency. High energy efficiency is certified by 80 Plus Platinum. Low heat generation also approved to reduce the noise level, which even at full load does not exceed 40 dB.

FSP500-30AS power supply
FSP500-30AS power supply

However, the manufacturer calls the ability to control and change (of course, some parameters can only be controlled) the values ​​of the input and output voltage, output and input current, total output power, fan speed – using the software as the essential feature of this fully digital power source. Users can even fine-tune protection system parameters, for example, an overvoltage protection threshold.

500W FSP500-30AS power supply
500W FSP500-30AS power supply

The source does not name the price of the new BP and the start date of sales.



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