The Samsung Galaxy S25 line of smartphones will be the first to receive the new Exynos flagship SoC after a two-year hiatus

It will be some kind of platform manufactured according to 3 nm standards

South Korean resource Joongang reports that Samsung will return Exynos platforms to its flagship smartphones in 2025, that is, they will appear in the Galaxy S25 line.


The unnamed platform will be manufactured at Samsung’s own facilities using the 3nm GAA process technology. Probably, we are talking about the second generation process technology, as the company is going to produce products according to these standards from next year. 

Interestingly, due to the fact that the Galaxy S25 line will be based on the new Exynos platform (and this will be an important feature of the devices), work on the corresponding smartphones begins earlier than on the S24 line.  

Recall that this is not just about the new Exynos SoC, but about the platform that Samsung is now developing specifically for its flagships, that is, there must be some optimization and good coordination between the platform and other components of the smartphone. By the way, the same information about the Exynos 2400 SoC appeared on the Web the other day, but the source was an insider unknown to us.  

Unfortunately, there is no data on the characteristics of the platform yet.  

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