Video: Control’s Free August Update Brings Many New Features


Video: Control’s Free August Update Brings Many New Features

The paid AWE add-on for the otherworldly action movie Control is just around the corner, and the developers from the studio Remedy revealed how they are going to delight players in the free August update. On this occasion, even a special video was presented with a demonstration of innovations.

controls free
controls free

For example, players can count on the possibility of developing the Launch ability, thanks to which Jesse Fayden will be able to throw several objects at enemies: for example, not one cabinet, but three at once. Those who were annoyed by the lack of control points will be happy to add new ones – especially the developers paid attention to difficult battles and boss fights. You can also turn on the continuous run mode.

In addition, various help modes have been added for those who find the game too difficult. For example, it will be possible to activate advanced automatic aiming, speed up energy recovery, increase the reload speed of service weapons, reduce the damage taken by the heroine, and much more.

At the same time, the developers have introduced a new section “Community” on the game’s website – there are published selected fan drawings, as well as the most artistic pictures created using the photo mode inside the game. Here are a couple of examples of fan art:

AWE will launch with the August Free Update for Control on August 27 on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. By the way, the developers have recently introduced the Ultimate Edition, which will include the game with two add-ons and all the previously released updates. Next Generation Optimized Upgrade will only be available to owners of this edition. 505 Games explained this decision as a lack of resources: updates are being developed specifically for the Ultimate Edition.



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