Volvo Creates ‘Ultimate Driving Simulator’ With Virtual Reality


Volvo Creates ‘Ultimate Driving Simulator’ With Virtual Reality

Volvo Cars talked about a unique mixed reality system that allows you to test the latest automotive technologies, especially safety equipment, in a virtual space – without the need to create any physical prototypes or build complex scenarios.


Volvo calls the platform “the ultimate driving simulator”. It uses the Unity real-time 3D modeling environment, as well as the development of Finnish virtual and mixed reality experts Varjo.

The system combines a movable driver’s seat, a steering wheel with tactile feedback, and virtual reality glasses, providing realistic high-definition 3D graphics. Plus, a special Teslasuit bodysuit is used, which provides tactile feedback to the virtual world, and also tracks the body’s reactions.

The platform allows simulating a wide variety of traffic situations and scenarios of human-machine interaction. These include, in particular, active safety and driver assistance functions, promising user interfaces for autonomous driving, etc.

“ This combination of software and hardware allows Volvo Cars’ engineers to endlessly simulate traffic scenarios on a real test track using a real car, all in complete safety. They can gain important information about the interaction between people and the car for the development of new safety, driver assistance, and autonomous driving functions, ”says Volvo Cars. 



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