When Android 11 comes and what are supported smartphones to get first


Android 11 will be officially unveiled on June 3 and will arrive first smartphones in early September. Here are all the news

Android 11 is coming. The confirmation comes directly from Google which gave users an appointment for June 3, the day when it will officially present the beta of the new mobile operating system. Android 11 will be streamed live on YouTube , replacing the event that should have been held at Google I / O, cancelled by the Mountain View company itself after the outbreak of the pandemic.

Along with the announcement of the presentation event of Android 11 , Google has also confirmed some changes to the calendar that will lead to the release of the stable version of the operating system. Google has just released the fourth Developer Preview of Android 11 , the latest before the official beta release. For beta 2, however, we will have to wait for July, and beta 3 is expected for August. Then it will be the turn of the official version of Android 11 , expected approximately for the last quarter of 2020. So from September onwards. The new version of the operating system will certainly be available for all Pixel and Android One smartphones and for most of the devices released at the beginning of 2020.

The main news of Android 11

Android 11 will not be a revolutionary update: it will continue on the path traced by previous versions of the operating system and will bring small improvements. What will be the main news? With the Developer Preview, 4 came some very useful new features. For example, you can reduce the size of content played in the Picture-in-picture by selecting a corner of the box. In addition, new gestures have been introduced to allow the use of the smartphone with one hand.

News also regarding the interface: users will be able to choose between two new shapes for the app icons : one hexagonal and the other four-leaf clover.

When Android 11 arrives

The release of Android 11 is scheduled for the last quarter of 2020. Usually, the new version of the operating system arrives between the end of August and the beginning of September and should be the case this year too. Perhaps there may be some delays caused by the Coronavirus, but for the moment there is no news about it. Together with the Developer Preview 4, Google has also updated the calendar with the next appointments for Android 11 :

  • Beta 1 – June 3
  • Beta 2 – July
  • Beta 3 – August
  • Official release – third quarter (hypothetically September).

Android 11: supported smartphones

On which smartphones will Android 11 be installed?  It is still too early to draw up an official list with all the smartphones compatible with the new version of the operating system, but now we can say that Android 11 can be installed on the Google Pixel (all models) and Android One (the various Xiaomi A1) smartphones. , Xiaomi A2, Xiaomi A3 and several Nokia models).

Android 11 download
Android 11 download

As for the Samsung world, although Android 10 still does not arrive for many models, the new version will be available first for the top-of-the-range smartphones released in the first few months of 2020. As usual, it is not possible to make a precise calendar: after the ‘official release of Android 11, developers begin to work to adapt the OS to their user interface.


The issue becomes a little more complicated for Huawei smartphones, due to the well-known ban imposed by Donald Trump. For smartphones that support Google Mobile Services, there should be no problems, while for all devices released after the summer of 2019 the matter gets a little more complicated. Surely they will have the update to EMUI 11 which will bring several new features.

Even Xiaomi smartphones will have to wait for the arrival of Android 11 to receive the update with the OS news. It will probably take the end of the year to see it on the first models. Similar times also for other manufacturers.



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