Where you can watch the launch of the huge Starship spacecraft. Stream links


At 15:00 Moscow time

The Super Heavy launch vehicle with the installed spacecraft is ready for the second orbital launch, which is scheduled for today, November 18.

The twenty-minute launch window will open at 15:00 Moscow time. The live flight test will begin approximately 35 minutes before takeoff and can be viewed on X, YouTube and spacex.com .

Starship spacecraft
Starship spacecraft

Where you can watch the launch of the huge Starship spacecraft. Stream links

Starship’s initial flight tests provided numerous lessons learned that directly contributed to several upgrades to both the rocket and ground infrastructure to improve the likelihood of success on future flights. The second flight test will feature a hot stage separation system and a new electronic thrust vector control (TVC) system for the Super Heavy Raptor engines, as well as pad foundation strengthening and a water-cooled steel flame deflector, among many other improvements.

Recursive improvement is important as we work to create a fully reusable transportation system capable of delivering both crew and cargo into Earth orbit, helping humanity return to the Moon, and ultimately traveling to Mars and beyond.



The launch was supposed to take place yesterday, but it was postponed .

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