Why SEO specialists are superheroes of our time . . .!


Today, the profession of an SEO specialist is becoming more and more popular. Even though many businesses suspended their collaboration with SEO optimizers during quarantine, things can change quickly in the post-quarantine world.

SEO specialists
SEO specialists

“Based on the feedback from users of SE Ranking, there is now a drop in demand for the services of the main customers of our SEO platform – SEO specialists, marketers and agencies. But I guess this is a temporary trend. The new reality makes most businesses transform into online (if they are still not there), because there is simply no other choice. When a critical mass of entrepreneurs adopt the new rules of the game, it is qualified SEO specialists who will be one of the most sought-after professions in marketing. 

If you are already promoting websites for clients, continue to develop in this direction – knowledge does not stand still, as PSs constantly update their algorithms, competitors strive to take your positions, and the fight for leads is directly in the issue. ”

SEO Day, which is celebrated today in the CIS, is the best time for SEOs to evaluate their strength and understand that they are real superheroes of our time. SE Ranking has prepared a test that will help optimizers find out who they are from the world of superheroes and what kind of SEO superpower they have. 

Happy holidays to you guys! Let your energy be enough to promote all the sites of the Universe, and no supervillains will stop you from doing this.



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