Windows 11 “spy” compared to older Microsoft OS


Even before the user installs or opens their first app

Many have heard claims that Windows 11 is heavily “spying” on users. As a recent video posted on The PC Security Channel’s YouTube channel shows, Windows 11 does send massive amounts of data to its own and third-party servers. 


Worst of all, the OS does this before the user installs or opens their first application. The author of the channel used the Wireshark application to analyze network activity on two “clean” versions of Windows. 

The first was the brand new Windows 11, and the second was the good old Windows XP. A quick analysis revealed that Windows 11 connects to many third-party servers and services, most of which do nothing but track for ads. And it is worth noting that all these actions take place on every Windows 11 computer out of the box, without prompting from the user and before he tries to use the Internet.

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