YouTube Music v3.55.55, lots of news for the playback page


Last updated on April 29th, 2023 at 12:40 pm

YouTube Music for Android is being updated with a makeover to the playback screen. There are four main novelties, and they modify the workflow of the app in a rather important way:

  • At the top, the button is always visible to switch from audio to audio/video only and vice versa. Before it disappeared after a few seconds.
  • The lyrics of the songs are now displayed in a dedicated tab, next to the one for the songs that are about to be played. Recall that the lyrics on YT Music for Android have just arrived, and are static, so they do not flow in sync with the music.
  • The buttons for shuffle and repetition are now always visible, next to the Previous and Next buttons.
  • It is now easier to share, download or add songs to a playlist by pressing on the cover image.

The new version of the app is 3.55.55 and it has been distributed since March on the Play Store, but the change to the new interface also has a server-side component that in these hours seems to have been made available globally, so you just have to wait for to enjoy it.

Note: updated to 25/04 with global availability

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