A Global Expansion: A Glimpse into the Remaining LHW Additions


In a grand celebration of opulence and exclusivity, The Leading Hotels of the World proudly introduces six new member hotels to its illustrious portfolio. As the epitome of independent luxury accommodations globally, this season’s additions showcase a remarkable surge in high-end hospitality. Among the stellar newcomers are two luxurious properties in the United States, an innovative hotel concept in Madeira, a resplendent converted museum in Rome, and a secluded enclave of bungalows and casas just south of Tulum, Mexico.

The Leading Hotels of the World’s Luxurious Expansion

The Leading Hotels of the World kicks off 2024 with the inclusion of five newly opened hotels, signaling a global renaissance in the realm of luxury hospitality. This diverse collection reflects the brand’s commitment to presenting distinctive and exceptional properties to its discerning clientele.

A Glimpse into the Spring Collection: Europe Beckons

Unveiling its Spring Collection, The Leading Hotels of the World showcases the epitome of luxury in Europe with the addition of The Reserve in Funchal, Portugal. A recent opening in January 2024, The Reserve introduces a novel hotel concept nestled within its sister property, Savoy Palace.

The Reserve: A Paradigm of Exclusive Experiences

  • Location: Funchal, Portugal
  • Opening: January 2024

The Reserve stands as a distinct hotel concept within Savoy Palace, offering 40 meticulously designed sea-facing rooms and suites on its upper floors. Elevating guest experiences, The Reserve boasts a team of dedicated Guest Experience Personal Assistants (GEPAs) for a seamless stay.

Beyond Accommodations: The Reserve’s Unique Offerings

Private Members Access: The Reserve introduces a private members access and services team, ensuring an unparalleled level of service for guests.

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Exclusive Dining: Guests can indulge in elevated dining experiences at the Jacarandá Club, relishing culinary delights in a sophisticated setting.

Curated Experiences: From yacht tours to wine tastings, The Reserve provides a plethora of private and curated experiences for its guests.

The Leading Hotels of the World’s Vision

Deniz Omurgonulsen, Vice President of Member Experience at The Leading Hotels of the World, expresses excitement about the 2024 additions. He notes that this cohort reinforces the brand’s presence in Europe and marks its debut in destinations like Savannah, Georgia, and Tulum, Mexico.


Q1: What makes The Leading Hotels of the World stand out in the luxury hospitality sector?

A1: The Leading Hotels of the World are renowned for curating a portfolio of independent luxury hotels that offer unparalleled experiences, exclusivity, and exceptional service.

Q2: How can travelers access the newly added properties like The Reserve in Funchal, Portugal?

A2: Travelers can explore and book stays at The Reserve and other Leading Hotels of the World properties through the official website or affiliated travel partners.

Q3: What unique services does The Reserve offer to its guests?

A3: The Reserve introduces a team of dedicated Guest Experience Personal Assistants (GEPAs) for guests, ensuring a seamless and personalized stay experience.