Apple releases iOS 14.2, iPad OS 14.2, and iOS 12.4.9 for legacy devices


Last updated on December 8th, 2022 at 02:33 pm

Apple releases iOS 14.2, iPad OS 14.2, and iOS 12.4.9 for legacy devices

Apple today released iOS 14.2 and iPad OS 14.2, the second major updates to its mobile operating systems released in September. The latest software can be installed right now on all supported devices. It’s worth noting that the company’s legacy devices have received iOS 12.4.9 today.

Apple devices
Apple devices

Apple traditionally adds new emoji to iOS every fall. iOS and iPad OS 14.2 received over 100 new emoticons, including a black cat, beaver, mammoth, heart, lungs, several types of insects, and much more.

In addition, iOS 14.2 received support for the Intercom intercom feature announced with the HomePod mini smart speaker. The new feature allows family members to communicate with each other using instant voice messages. In this scenario, the supported devices can be used as a baby monitor.

A new music recognition button has been added to the control center, showcasing the operating system’s tight integration with Apple’s Shazam service. The new feature allows the recognition of both music playing around the user and tracks from applications, even when using headphones.


In addition, the Control Center has a redesigned Now Playing widget that now displays recently played albums that the user is likely to want to listen to when no music is playing. The AirPlay interface has also been redesigned to make it easier to play audio on multiple AirPlay 2 compatible devices at the same time.

IOS 14.2 also includes AirPods charging optimization tools that slow battery aging by reducing the amount of time the earbuds are in a fully charged state. This function is based on the analysis of the user’s habits.

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Owners of the new iPad Air with iPad OS 14.2 will get the camera features that were introduced with the iPhone 12 series smartphones. Scene Detection uses Intelligent Image Recognition to identify objects to help improve shots, and Auto FPS reduces the frame rate of video recording to improve image quality. poor lighting.

Visually impaired users will be able to use the People Detection feature in the Magnifier app to determine how far away other people are. The Apple Watch app icon has changed to show the watch with the brand new Solo Loop strap introduced with the Apple Watch Series 6 and SE. Apple Card users with the new firmware will be able to view their annual spending history. Previously, you could only view the weekly and monthly summary.

Fans of personalization will appreciate the fact that Apple has added eight options for new desktop wallpapers with different designs for dark and light modes.

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