Galaxy Watch 3: new themes, wallpapers and … premiere, earlier than expected


Smart watches may be presented in July

On the Web, there are more and more details about the smartwatch Samsung Galaxy Watch 3. This time, Max Weinbach, working for the well-known XDA-Developers resource, was noted. The enthusiast has already managed to get familiar with the Galaxy Watch 3 firmware, so we have new details about the software component of the watch, as well as confirmation of some hardware parameters.

Galaxy Watch 3
Galaxy Watch 3

Galaxy Watch 3: new themes, wallpapers, and … premiere, earlier than expected

So what’s new in the Galaxy Watch 3 firmware? According to Max, new themes appeared (the user can add widgets with the day, date, heart rate, steps, weather, and other data) at the edges of the screen. Probably, in this way, it will be possible to change any “virtual dial”. Also, the Galaxy Watch 3 has a new weather application and a new music widget, there is a Spotify application, and the branded email client has been replaced by Outlook.

With 8 GB of internal flash memory, users will have access to 5.3 GB. Galaxy Watch 3 will not support MST – only NFC will be used for mobile payments. The Galaxy Watch 3 will have versions both without LTE support, and with support, but in both versions, there will be a built-in speaker.

Max believes that Galaxy Watch 3 may be presented on July 8th. Recently, the number of leaks associated with this watch has increased many times, so the announcement is likely to really take place next week, and not on August 5, as previously assumed. Recall, the Galaxy Watch 3 will be presented both in a stainless steel case and (for the first time for Samsung) in a titanium alloy case. They will have a heart rate sensor, a screen with a diagonal of 1.2 or 1.4 inches with protection in the form of tempered glass Gorilla Glass DX, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth adapters, a GPS receiver. The watch will also be able to measure pressure and record ECG.



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