Google introduced the Magic Eraser function


And even draw cropped objects

Google continues to prove its leadership in the photo editing software market. Today, the search giant introduced a logical extension of the Magic Eraser feature called Magic Editor.  


The operation of this function is easiest to evaluate on the video from the presentation.

Google introduced the Magic Eraser function

As you can see, Magic Editor allows you to select certain objects in the photo and move them within the picture. Moreover, in some cases, the software will draw objects that were cropped in the original image! 


Technically, this is clearly more difficult than removing objects from a photo, so it is still difficult to say how well Magic Editor will work and what scenarios it will handle best. 

Magic Editor will be available in early access on Pixel smartphones at the end of the year. Google hasn’t specified, but it’s likely that the feature will appear on the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro initially, and then be available on older models. 

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