Google Maps new features for a better shopping experience


Google Maps has launched four new features designed to make shopping easier for shoppers and help businesses increase sales during the holiday season.

Almost all functions are implemented globally.

1. Workload of the territory

To help customers avoid crowds, a new feature will show how busy an area is – for example, the area near the Christmas market – at different times throughout the day.

According to Google, shopping malls are least busy on Tuesday evenings, while Saturday night is the most popular time for shoppers.


2. List of stores

Google has launched the Store Listing tab in Maps for iOS and Android around the world – for all airports, shopping malls and transport stops.

On this tab, Google will show you what stores are in the building, as well as help you find recreation areas, car rentals, parking, etc.

3. More information about cafes and restaurants

Now, when viewing reviews, users can see if the cafe has options such as delivery, takeaway food, etc.

In the US, users will also see a price range per person based on customer feedback.

When this feature will be launched in other countries, it is not specified.

4. Shopping for groceries

Google has also expanded the launch of a grocery shopping feature where an item can be picked up outside a store. It is now available in 2,000+ retail outlets in over 30 states in the United States. 

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