How to raise the immune system in adults


Healthy immune system in a healthy body. It all depends on the lifestyle.

Strengthening the immune defences is more than ever a necessity considering the numerous factors that weaken our body: stress, improper diet, excessive use of antibiotics, sedentary lifestyle, poor night rest, physical fatigue

immune system in adults
the immune system in adults

Healthy lifestyle, what does it mean?

What is the answer we all should implement to fight to weaken and strengthen our immune systems? Certainly, the answer lies in adopting a healthy lifestyle, which groups together a series of correct behaviours that consist of a correct diet, which includes the consumption of fruit, vegetables, whole grains and a limitation in the intake of foods rich in saturated fat; the sport and the maintenance of balanced body weight; that banishes or limits bad habits such as smoking or excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages as much as possible.

Sleeping, also, this is a good and healthy habit: during nighttime sleep, reworks the human body proteins introduced with diet and uses them to fight off potential pathogens. 

To accompany a healthy lifestyle, you can make use of some resources offered by nature: there is, in fact, a variegated group of medicinal plants with an immunostimulating and adaptogenic action; these plants are an excellent aid in strengthening the weakened immune system.

Balanced nutrition

In addition to sport, proper nutrition also allows you to keep arteries and veins in good health. For a diet to be considered fair and balanced, it must provide the right amount and proportion of macro and micronutrients, it must not be too abundant or low in relation to energy needs. 


Fruits, vegetables and legumes counteract premature ageing thanks to their protective and antioxidant power; it is also recommended to consume foods that provide omega3 (bluefish, that is anchovies, sardines, mackerel; salmon and tuna but also nuts and in particular walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts.

The omega3s intervene against ageing; they are fundamental components of cell membranes; reduce the risk of contracting cardiovascular diseases; prevent arteriosclerosis; lower LDL cholesterol levels; improve kidney function and the immune system; reduce the risk of thrombosis and stroke.

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