Google Stadia Gaming Service Coming To iPhone In Coming Weeks


Google Stadia Gaming Service Coming To iPhone In Coming Weeks

Google has announced that its proprietary game streaming service Stadia will be available to iPhone users in the coming weeks. Previously, Google was unable to launch Stadia for iPhone users due to the strict regulations of the App Store.

Google Stadia
Google Stadia

Streaming gaming services are currently not extremely popular. Despite this, big tech companies such as Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon, and NVIDIA are betting on them and continue to develop their own products in this segment.

The idea behind game streaming is that the user doesn’t need to buy a powerful computer or console to play the most advanced games. Instead, the service streams the gameplay to users’ devices, while all the associated load falls on the infrastructure of the service provider.

Google’s iPhone gaming service will work similarly to its counterparts such as Amazon Luna or NVIDIA GeForce Now. This means that the service will be able to add new games without going through the approval and publication process for each individual project, which is required by the rules of the App Store. It should be noted that Stadia has some differences from its counterparts. For example, instead of offering access to a library of games as a monthly subscription, Stadia sells content at full price, but once purchased, users can interact with it for as long as they want. 



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