Lenovo and HP control half of the global laptop market


Lenovo and HP control half of the global laptop market

The company Strategy Analytics reports explosive growth in demand for laptop computers: amid the pandemic, laptop shipments in the second quarter of this year jumped by 27% compared to the same period of 2019.


If a year ago 42.5 million laptops were sold, now it is 54.2 million. Such a sharp increase in shipments is explained by the transition of employees of many companies to remote work, and students and schoolchildren – to distance learning. In such conditions, users all over the world needed additional computer equipment.

The largest player in the market is Lenovo, which controls a quarter of the industry – 25.0%. HP is in second place with a score of 24.8%. Thus, these two companies supply half of all laptop computers.

“Bronze” went to Dell – 15.6%. Apple follows with 8.5%. Closes the top five Acer, whose share in the last quarter was 6.7%. All other laptop manufacturers collectively hold 19.4% of the global market.

Apparently, by the end of the current quarter, an increase in laptop shipments will also be recorded. Although the growth rate is likely to slow down. 

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