The phone keeps restarting: how to fix


Does the phone tend to restart continuously for no reason? Let’s find out the causes and how to remedy them.

A phone that always restarts for no reason is a source of apprehension for any user since, in addition to being unusable during continuous reboots, it increasingly brings the cost of repairing it or replacing it with a new phone that does not lock up. Before spending some money, however, we can try to solve the problem with some simple tricks to apply at home, without having to contact an expert technician.

Phone keeps restarting

In the following chapters, we will show you in detail what causes the phone to restart continuously and what we can do to reset a phone that restarts constantly so that we can resume texting or viewing social media as we did previously.

The phone keeps restarting: how to fix

The problems can concern both Android phones and (more rarely) iPhones: the tricks we will recommend can be applied to any type of phone regardless of the operating system.

Power key lock

The most common problem related to the continuous restart of the phone is the blocking of the power key: in this scenario, the power key (or Power key) is stuck and is always pressed at the logic board level, even if apparently the key is not is locked (i.e. it is possible to feel the stroke of the key when it is pressed).

To solve this problem we can try to hold the key down for 10 seconds, then press it repeatedly for at least 10 times: if the key is slightly stuck it should be possible to unlock it.

Power button Android

If the key is heavily stuck, the only desperate attempt we can make is to position the ignition key “upside-down” (ie facing the floor), press the key at least 10 times in a row and, if the problem persists, try to blow into it, also using a can of compressed air (very moderately, otherwise the button literally flies away). If none of the remedies above worked, the damage is at the logic board and can only be fixed by taking the phone to a service center.

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Battery or CPU overheated

If the restart of the phone does not repeat often but it seems to happen randomly, the problem could be caused by an excessive temperature of the battery or the processor (CPU), especially in the summer.

In this case, solving the problem is quite simple: remove the cover or any other rubber protection around the phone, turn it off for at least 5 minutes and try to turn it back on. With a little luck, the reboot will no longer appear, especially if we avoid putting the phone in the sun in the middle of summer.

Error installing an update

Another cause of continuous phone restarts are incorrect updates: if a phone update is not installed correctly the phone will boot loop and restart continuously.

Solving this problem is not easy at all, but we can still try something before taking it for service. First, we restart the phone in recovery mode (Android) or DFU mode (iPhone), then we follow the dedicated procedures on the two dedicated guides to format the device and restore the operating system to default settings.

If even these two modes do not solve the problem, there is nothing left to do but bring the phone in for assistance.

Error in charging the device

Is our phone really charged? Even if we left it on charge all night it doesn’t necessarily have to charge properly, leaving us with a phone that restarts constantly due to a lack of stored energy .

This problem is also quite simple to solve: we definitively turn off the phone, check that the charger is well connected to the wall socket, and try to recharge with the phone switched off. If the phone does not charge, we will immediately buy a good fast USB charger and the right cable based on the type of phone in use:

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With this ultra-fast charger and one of the USB cables on the list, we should solve every charging problem on any modern phone.

MicroSD damaged

Another unsuspected cause of constant reboots of Android phones is microSD. If the memory card is damaged and we had saved system files on it with the expansion procedure, in case of damage to the card the phone will go into bootloop.

To solve this problem we turn off the phone completely, remove the microSD from its slot, try to restart the phone and, if it continues to restart or gives no signs of life, we access the phone recovery and try to restore it to the system to the settings of the factory.

With the reset, the phone should be fully functional again without reboots; the damaged microSD can no longer be used on that phone and should be replaced with a larger and faster memory card.


A phone that is constantly rebooting can cause anyone to panic, but luckily we are always there to show you the way to solve every problem! If our phone is having a tantrum, let’s find out the cause of the problem for ourselves and try to solve it as seen in the previous chapters of the guide, so as to avoid having to buy a new phone or pay for expensive after-sales assistance.

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