Premium Image Editing Features in Google Photos Will Be Paid


Premium Image Editing Features in Google Photos Will Be Paid

Over the past few months, the developers have been working on adding several premium features to the Google Photos app. New tools were discovered by enthusiasts after analyzing the APK file of Google Photos 4.45. Now, the source said that the new features will be offered as part of a Google One subscription, and they won’t be able to fully use them for free.

Google photos
Google photos

The Google Photos app is one of the most popular photo storage and editing tools on Android devices. One of the recently added features is called Color Pop. It allows you to preserve the color of the main subject in the picture by making the background black and white. This tool can be used free of charge when processing photographs that have scene depth data, such as photographs taken in portrait mode. If the user wants to apply this effect to images that do not have scene depth data, then he will have to subscribe to Google One.

It is currently unknown what other editing features in Google Photos will be offered by subscription. Enthusiasts analyzed Google Photos 5.18 and found in the app mentions of new features such as Dynamic, HDR, and Vivid. In addition, six new filters were mentioned in this version of the app: Afterglow, Airy, Ember, Luminous, Radiant, and Stormy.

It is currently unknown whether the new features will be free or only available as part of a Google One subscription. Obviously, this information will become known when the mentioned features appear in one of the next versions of the Google Photos app.



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